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British values

We feel very lucky to be part of a supportive school

Parent of two pupils at the school


Parent of two pupils at the school

It’s an environment that encourages positive growth of character as well as academic achievement

Parent to three pupils at the school


Parent to three pupils at the school

Friendly welcoming and inclusive. Everyone is valued.

Parent to two pupils.


Parent to two pupils.

There is a great community feel to the school

Parent of year 5 pupil


Parent of year 5 pupil

I love the family feel that pervades through the school

Parent of year 2


Parent of year 2

Here is an overview of how we build British Values into the daily life of our school, its aims, values and the curriculum.


Our children have plenty of opportunities to experience democracy within the school environment. We encourage children to show ambition and to take on positions of responsibility. As a result, we hold elections for our School Council as well as House captains and vice captains. We encourage children to work in groups and use their creativity in order to establish the direction of their learning. As a result, children are required to listen to the ideas of others around them and to vote for the best options.

Rule of law

Our behaviour policy focuses on recognising and celebrating positive behaviour and reinforces the importance of valuing all individuals. We aim to offer restorative conversations centred around the value of forgiveness recognising that everyone makes mistakes. Our three simple rules: Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe, provide everyone with clear guidance on what behaviour is expected.

Individual liberty

We actively encourage our pupils to be independent and be involved in the planning of elements of their learning. We provide a safe learning environment in which they can develop their ideas and prosper. We welcome different ideas and strategies and celebrate creativity and perseverance.

Mutual respect

Respect is a key value of the school and is understood by all members of our community. Services are regularly held that promote this value in order to develop respect on a personal, local and global level.

Tolerance of different beliefs

Our community is not very culturally diverse. For this reason, we provide whole school services and learning experiences that promote awareness and respect for other cultures and religions.