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Family Support

We feel very lucky to be part of a supportive school

Parent of two pupils at the school


Parent of two pupils at the school

It’s an environment that encourages positive growth of character as well as academic achievement

Parent to three pupils at the school


Parent to three pupils at the school

Friendly welcoming and inclusive. Everyone is valued.

Parent to two pupils.


Parent to two pupils.

There is a great community feel to the school

Parent of year 5 pupil


Parent of year 5 pupil

I love the family feel that pervades through the school

Parent of year 2


Parent of year 2

Here are some useful documents and links to organisations that can provide guidance and information to support families.

Please contact the school office if you cannot find the support you are looking for here, or if you need any further advice or information.  All requests for support will be treated confidentially.

Compass – Early Help Team

Compass provide information including a range of support systems and organisations that can be accessed according to various needs. Early help from organisations and local groups can provide support to families for parenting, SEND and additional needs, mental health and wellbeing, domestic abuse as well as housing and benefits.

South Gloucestershire Directory

The Local Authority have created a directory to provide a source of information, advice and guidance for people living in South Gloucestershire, working with local partner organisations.

Information, advice and guidance is provided for specific groups that include children and familiesadults, and those with SEND/ additional needs.

Welfare Grant Scheme

The Welfare Grant Scheme can give South Gloucestershire residents short-term emergency funds to help with living costs.

The Welfare Grant scheme aims to help meet immediate needs and really support those families who are struggling to afford food and utility bills (heating, cooking, lighting) and water for household purposes (including drinking, washing, cooking, central heating, sewerage and sanitary purposes), or other related essentials, such as blankets and which may include white goods.

Parents and Carers can contact CAB on 01454 334961 or the Council on 0800 953 7778 quoting Welfare Grant funding. Additional information is available here.

Holidays and Food (HAF) Scheme

Parents and carers of children aged 5 to 16 years, who live in South Gloucestershire can use the Holidays and Food (HAF) scheme, which provides information about organisations that run holiday activities and food schemes during the school holidays. The schemes are supported by South Gloucestershire Council through funding from the Department for Education. All places on these schemes will be free for children eligible for free school meals. Most of these schemes also have options to pay and attend as well. All eligible children attending will be provided with a free lunch.

HAF Summer 2022

Child Health and Wellbeing

The School Health Nursing Team is made up of School Health Nurses and School Health Assistants who are experienced in working with children and young people and providing young people-friendly services. The School Health Nursing Team can provide support about a range of issues including emotional health, healthy eating, sleep and incontinence.

School nursing leaflet – Primary

Adult Health and Wellbeing

South Gloucestershire Council can provide support and advice to help you make a positive change to your health and wellbeing.

One You South Gloucestershire is a service for adults aged 18+ who are a South Gloucestershire resident or registered with a GP practice in South Gloucestershire.

The One You service can help you:

Family and Parent Support for the Whole Family

The organisation Caring for Communities and People (CCP) provide family support for a range of needs.  You can find more details here.