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We feel very lucky to be part of a supportive school

Parent of two pupils at the school


Parent of two pupils at the school

It’s an environment that encourages positive growth of character as well as academic achievement

Parent to three pupils at the school


Parent to three pupils at the school

Friendly welcoming and inclusive. Everyone is valued.

Parent to two pupils.


Parent to two pupils.

There is a great community feel to the school

Parent of year 5 pupil


Parent of year 5 pupil

I love the family feel that pervades through the school

Parent of year 2


Parent of year 2

We aim to create a calm and purposeful learning environment where every member of the school community feels valued and respected.

As a small school, we know each individual child well and this means that we can respond to the needs of each pupil. Our staff are always on the playground at the beginning and end of each day so that they are available to parents should they need to discuss anything to do with their child’s needs. We put tailored programmes of support in place to support individual children should this be required.

We recognise the importance of positive mental health and wellbeing for successful learning, achievement and play. This has never been more the case than now.  We promote positive mental health by talking openly through our PSHE lessons, Collective Worships and by celebrating dedicated weeks such as Children’s Mental Health Week.  We provide support to individuals and groups through our Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA), and interventions such as Zones of Regulation and individual time to talk sessions.

We also believe it is important for children in our school to contribute ideas and influence how to improve the wellbeing of their peers across the school.


Wellbeing Champions

To help foster peer to peer level support, we have a group of Wellbeing Champions from Years 5 and 6. Our Wellbeing Champions work closely with Mrs Wilson and Mr Bryant, our Mental Health Leads, to help enable positive change and support for the whole school community by:

  • Being a positive role model and promoting a healthier lifestyle, especially the importance of exercise and nutrition.
  • Encouraging children to look at whether they can resolve a problem themselves, or if they need to talk to an adult if they need help.
  • Promoting our Anti-Bullying policy across the school – to be the eyes and ears for the school and find further help for children who may be experiencing bullying behaviours.
  • Supporting children to play and have fun in the playground – helping with games and activities to encourage inclusion and positive interaction.

The Champions play an essential role in being the voice for their year groups; sharing information across the other classes; help deliver Wellbeing Collective Worships; recognising and celebrating those who have supported others; and helping to organise events such as Anti-bullying’s Odd Socks Day and Children’s Mental Health Week.

For further information on pupil well-being at our school, please speak to your child’s class teacher.


How to help (Early Help)

Wellbeing information and resources are shared in school newsletters.

Click on the links below to read useful well-being information.

  • Understanding your child’s emotional wellbeing


  • Understanding and managing anxiety


  • Anger management


  • Dental Health


  • Healthy eating


  • Sleep




For further support and information regarding mental health and wellbeing please visit:

Primary : Mentally Healthy Schools

South-Gloucestershire-Directory-September-2022.pdf (icb.nhs.uk)

Emotional Wellbeing – CCHP | Community Children’s Health Partnership

CAMHS services :: Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust (awp.nhs.uk)


The books listed in the following attachment may also be useful:

Self help books about Anxiety


Talk to Us

If you have a concern about your child’s mental health and well-being, or have a question about how we support our children at Hawkesbury / Iron Acton, please don’t hesitate to contact us through the office.